Sr. Area Sales Engineer / Asst. Manager Domestic Welding

  Ador Welding Limited

  Kolkata   B Tech Mechanical / Electrical   175,000 to 980,000  INR | PA  Skills : Sales, Marketing, Communication

Job Description

 As a professional in this role, developing a good customer base is a top priority. This involves being responsible for sales and marketing efforts to achieve set targets and ensuring complete order execution. To achieve this, you will need to focus on complete customer satisfaction, implementing the company's policies, and upholding them to build and maintain the brand image of the company.

Key Responsibilites

  In order to effectively execute sales and marketing efforts, coordination with distributors for all sales-related activities is critical. It is important to emphasize the technical advantage over competitors in order to close deals and clinch new customers. This may involve making technical presentations, conducting product demos, showcasing job work executions, and emphasizing the value of the company's offerings.
Handling the entire business activities of the Area Office is also a key responsibility, which includes overseeing various functions such as business development, marketing strategy implementation, sales, accounting, administration, and more. Achieving the targets set by the company is a key metric for success, which requires handling OEM clients, developing dealers, and implementing systems.

Important Points

  Building key prospects and deploying sales plans are essential for achieving success in this role. You will be responsible for motivating the team to execute on the sales plans and continuously monitoring achievements to ensure that targets are met. In su

 Posted On : 2023-03-28

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