Software Developer


  Bangalore   B. Tech   180,000 to 1,350,000  INR | PA  Skills : Coding, Software Testing

Job Description

 Key responsibilities include understanding the requirements and design of the product/software and developing software solutions.Conduct investigations into problem areas in the software development life cycle.

Key Responsibilites

  • Facilitate root cause analysis of system issues and identify ideas for improvement.
  • Analyze client requirements and collaborate with functional teams to obtain information on software capabilities.
  • Perform coding and determine operational feasibility.
  • Develop and automate software validation processes.
  • Modify software to fix errors, improve performance, and upgrade interfaces.
  • Analyze information to recommend and plan the installation of new systems.
  • Prepare reports on programming projects and compile comprehensive documentation.
  • Coordinate with the team on project status and progress and provide feedback on usability and serviceability.
  • Focus on ongoing status reporting and customer satisfaction.
  • Capture all client requirements and participate in continuing education and training.
  • Consult with engineering staff to evaluate software-hardware interfaces.
  • Document and demonstrate solutions by creating flowcharts, diagrams, and code comments.
  • Ensure good quality of customer interactions and timely response to customer requests.

Important Points


  • The objective of this role is to design, test, and maintain software programs for operating systems or applications. Ensure that software meets 100% quality assurance parameters and can be successfully deployed at the client end.

 Posted On : 2023-02-13

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