Senior Lead Analyst Knowledge Services


  Pune   MBA / Bachelor's in Commerce   170,000 to 960,000  INR | PA  Skills : Collaboration, Communication, Management

Job Description

 One can participate in client discussions to understand and analyze their problems, collect necessary data, and refer to other projects or benchmarks to define and document the issues while also developing high-level solutions. Collaboration with client counterparts is important in establishing a long-term vision, goals, and strategies, as well as contributing to the design and development of future processes and organizations with corresponding transformation roadmaps.

Key Responsibilites

  • Requirements workshops with a team of global business and technical professionals and subject matter experts can be conducted to translate the gathered requirements into actionable project initiatives with associated business metrics.
  • As part of the process, analyzing current and optimizing future processes is crucial in driving standardization, harmonization, and best-in-class practices for a global I2P process while ensuring global regulatory compliance with worldwide invoicing and tax mandates.
  • Identifying process gaps and automation opportunities and developing diagnostic reports, benchmark reports, process documents, fit-gap analysis documentation, and requirement documentation can also help in solving business problems through innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Solution evaluation and recommendation, managing end-to-end pre-sales activities for digital capabilities, and creating market competitive intelligence for a sub-domain or portfolio are also key tasks.
  • To ensure success, one can anchor the key internal and external governance meetings, monitor adherence within engagement to sustain delivery predictability, define the solution by creating a presentation or thought paper describing a proposed solution, and help drive strong external awareness for their sub-domain or portfolio by creating collaterals for presentation to internal stakeholders such as sales, other SDI teams, delivery teams, and external stakeholders such as analysts, advisors, webinars, workshops, etc
  • Engaging with the client, building relationships, and connecting with key client stakeholders, while also bringing in portfolio and sub-domain best practices in a client business context, is also crucial. Additionally, reviewing and providing critical inputs for the creation of a customized solution and advising the client on the value proposition of various approaches can further contribute to the success of the project.

Important Points

  Candidate should have Work Experience of 8 Years and above.

 Posted On : 2023-02-15

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