Any   Btech   765,000 to 1,654,000  INR | PA  Skills : Software, Web, App Development

Job Description

 As an SDE 2, you will play a key role in driving discussions and collaboration between engineering teams. Your mission is to identify and address interdependencies across various products, ensuring a cohesive and unified approach to enhancing our offerings.

Key Responsibilites

  • Solution Design and Business Understanding: To excel in this role, you must possess a deep understanding of well-defined business use cases and product requirements. You will leverage this knowledge to design solutions that precisely address these cases, contributing to the overall success of our products.
  • API Definitions and End-to-End Service Implementation: Your expertise in API design and end-to-end service implementation will be crucial in shaping seamless interactions within our systems. You will be responsible for creating robust APIs and overseeing the successful implementation of services.
  • Champion Service-Oriented Architecture: As part of our commitment to building a cutting-edge infrastructure, you will actively design applications using a true service-oriented architecture (SOA). Your ability to envision scalable and maintainable services will be fundamental to our technological growth.
  • Develop Object-Oriented Models and Data Structures: Innovative software projects demand well-designed object-oriented models and data structures. Your proficiency in this area will enable you to create efficient and reliable software solutions that account for system-wide aspects.
  • Make Sound Design Choices: When tackling complex problems, you will demonstrate your expertise in making informed design choices. You'll assess data storage options, caching mechanisms, search algorithms, and scaling strategies to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • Craft High-Quality and Reusable Code: Your coding prowess will shine as you write high-quality, modular, and reusable code. Attention to detail, performance optimization, and adherence to coding standards will be paramount in achieving exceptional software outcomes.
  • Continuous Code Refactoring and Improvement: As a dedicated SDE 2, you will be committed to the ongoing improvement of code quality. Through continuous refactoring, you'll enhance modula
  • Important Points

      Should have a good technical knowledge and minimum 3 years of experience.

     Posted On : 2023-07-23

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