Human Resources Manager


  Mumbai   MBA / Masters in HRM   230,000 to 1,560,000  INR | PA  Skills : Human Resources, Screening, Analysis

Job Description

 Establishing an efficient and effective organization structure that aligns with business needs is crucial for any organization. However, it's not always an easy task and can present several challenges, especially at the ground level. In this context, some of the significant business challenges that an organization may face include inadequate workforce planning, poor organizational design, and lack of skilled workforce.

Key Responsibilites

  Recruitment and onboarding are also critical aspects of manpower planning. The goal of recruitment is to identify and attract the right candidates for the organization's vacancies. It involves various activities such as job posting, screening resumes, interviewing candidates, and selecting the best fit.
  • As an HR leader, you play a crucial role in ensuring that the organization's human resources are effectively managed and developed to meet business objectives. Some of your key responsibilities include implementing performance management systems, providing capability development opportunities, managing total rewards and recognition systems, monitoring employee engagement, and overseeing critical employee and HR management aspects.
  • To effectively implement performance management activities at the business level, you must first ensure that the organization-wide PMS guidelines and timelines are adhered to. This involves setting clear expectations, identifying and measuring performance metrics, conducting regular feedback and coaching sessions, and addressing performance gaps through appropriate interventions.
  • Capability development is also critical to ensuring that employees have the skills and knowledge required to perform their roles effectively. As an HR leader, you must implement behavioral and functional training programs at the business/functional level to meet capability development needs adequately. This may involve conducting training needs assessments, designing and delivering training programs, and evaluating the effectiveness of training interventions.
  • Managing the total rewards and recognition system is another essential aspect of your role. This includes streamlining the implementation and administration of processes related to compensation, benefits, and recognition programs to ensure that they align with business objectives and are competitive within the industry.
  • To maintain a highly motivated and engaged
  • Important Points

      To overcome these challenges, businesses must ensure that they have a robust manpower plan that caters to their specific business requirements. This involves analyzing the business needs and identifying the roles and responsibilities required to meet thos

     Posted On : 2023-03-22

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