Blogs Stop Killing Your Career: How Social Media Algorithms Hack Your Brain
 By Harsh Chauhan  Published On : 30/04/2023  Career growth

Stop Killing Your Career: How Social Media Algorithms Hack Your Brain

Stop Killing Your Career: How Social Media Algorithms Hack Your Brain

Have you ever wondered thinking of the most attention-seeking task of 2023? - It is none other than Social media posts and those short videos. But how many of you have ever benefitted from your career because of social media? I know many of you started taking me as another so-called "Mindset Guru". But believe me, we have researched some of the most interesting facts and analyzed data that are harming our careers available on the web (especially for our Great India).

According to a report, a whooping 314+ Million active Facebook users are recorded just in India. Even a 230+ Million active user base is with Instagram. These two giants are just owned by "META".

The last time when you used Instagram or Facebook you must have gone through any of these kinds of content :

  1. 1. Dancing Videos: They are booming across the internet. Even Instagram itself claimed that 1 out of every 3 teenagers used to watch dancing and singing videos like Tiktok.
  2. 2. Product-Related Content:  Out of every 10 celebrity Instagram posts you will probably see 3 of them promoting any product or service.
  3. 3. Travel Stories (Reels): Many of us have seen those travel stories and reels from our friends, relatives, influencers, etc.

But when was the last time you learned any skill or tried to find a high-paying job? - The real answer is that we just spent our precious time watching this shit content. The content creators know very well "How to engage us in watching their content".

Even if you use Youtube, many of us will surely not remember the last skill learned from youtube. 

  1. 1. Vlogs: Lifestyle and celebrity vloggers are earning crores. But what about you and me? - The reality is that when we watch such content, our minds automatically get hooked on it.
  2. 2. Motivational videos: These videos can help us in our careers. But what it's used, if we just do not implement it in reality. we are again get's addicted to watching such videos again and again. 
  3. 3. Gaming Videos: Most of our teenage youths (16 - 25 years) are engaged in watching gaming videos. These are the precious years of anyone's career. But all my time was just wasted watching videos.
  4. 4. Influencer Interviews / Podcasts: This helps us in understanding the real world, but also most of the time provides us with such content that makes us feel unsatisfied with our life. 

This list can go damn long. Because of such kinds of diversified content and sound understanding of user behaviour Youtube alone have 467+ Million active users in India. 

There is a really good news for all of us. According to, 79% of job seekers use social media as well as Job connector platforms like "" to find their dream job. And almost 40% - 50% of the jobs are connected through such job boards & social media, but today one should also have good networks to grab any position. Because it can help you in connecting any particular position. If you don't have enough skills and network then there are fewer chances of getting a high-paying job. Even nowadays 60%+ people are recruited through good networks.

If we use the power of social media and job platforms then we can surely see a high breakeven in our career. Because most of our competitors or say other job seekers are busy watching useless content. This can be also used in learning top-level industry skills like coding, networking, communication, work-life balance skills, operations, marketing, and so on. 

We often hear people say particularly in India, that there are very fewer job opportunities here or "I am not getting good pay" etc. But the reality is, that there can be a huge availability of job seekers, but if we account for highly skilled candidates then believe it is a hard nut to crack for any company. Everybody knows that there is a huge pool of candidates but according to one website 40.1% of employed individuals are only there in India. It means a huge population about 600 - 900 Million individuals are underemployed or unemployed. Even there about 30% of working individuals are in agriculture. This also indicates a huge demand for skilled candidates in India. Big corporates spend millions of dollars in hiring a perfect candidate even though there's a huge pool available, but the major problem here is that most of us are busy watching unnecessary content on social media. 

This is the hardcore reality of being unskilled and unemployed. We can use social media in improving our careers also. This can be done by learning new skills. Even many ed-tech startups have recently incorporated in India, under which one can easily learn any industry-level skills from a professional person also. Startups like CodingNinja also offer guaranteed placement. Even many free learning sites like Udemy, Udacity, skillshare, Khan Sir, Vikas Sir, Avadh Ojha Sir, Vedantu, Physics Wallah (from Youtube), and many more.

Again the question is not of availability of resources or job opportunities. But the main question is about our social media habits. If we take a basic example of an IT employee in India. Suppose the work hour for such an employee is 8 - 10 hrs a day. Let's count 8 hrs of sleep and according to the EconomicsTimes, an average individual spends 4.67 hrs of time on social media daily. And another remaining 4 hrs in miscellaneous activities. One can easily invest 2 hrs of time in learning new skills and searching for jobs. Always remember that opportunities are always there, but one should have a vision in accepting them.

Pro Tips:

  1. 1. Try to spend more time on sites like Linkedin, Fixedjob, etc. 
  2. 2. Maintain good relationships with colleagues.
  3. 3. Establish yourself as a brand that can attract a huge amount of job opportunities.
  4. 4. Invest in reading books and learning new skills online. Try to learn from industry experts if possible.

Note: All the websites mentioned above are purely unsponsored and we do not have any collaboration regarding this. It is purely for informational purposes.

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